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Magnet motor free energy generator

The Magnet motor (or magnet engine) free energy generator is a decent, powerfull and well-looking topology of a free energy generator. It works on a principle of the powerfull neodymium permanent magnets. When the magnetic force reachs the necessary level to overcome the friction, the motor RPM ramps up and reachs the equilibrum value. In the ordinary motor, the magnetic field is generated by the electric coils, usually made of copper (Cu) or sometimes an aluminium (Al). Because both copper and aluminium are not superconductors (their resistance is not zero), the ordinary electric motor continuously needs the electric power to maintain the magnetic field. I repeat: The ordinary motor needs not only the initial energy, but the coutinuous supply of energy! The coils are wasting the power, turning it into a heat, because of their resistance. The electric energy has to continuously flow into the system, compensating the energy losses.

The Magnet motor has no coils and thus no power losses and can be used even as a free energy generator. It is using the permanent magnetic field of the magnets to generate the force moving the rotor. For a long time, the magnet motor was only a theoretical concept, because the old ferrite magnets were to weak to generate enoug magnetic force to form a practical engine, operable in real world. In last years, much more powerful magnets - the neodymium magnets - came and enabled the practical construction of the old theoretical concept. This is how the Magnet motor free energy generator came into the world. The disadvantage of the magnet motor is that it cannot be controlled electricall way. You can not shut it down the "solid state" way, eg. by switching a transistor, triac or solid state relay off. The RPM controll is also problematic in this kind of motor. On the other hand, there are much more advantages than disadvantages. The biggest advantage is no need for external source of electric power and thus a very cheap operation. This predetermines this motor for construction of the free energy generator units.

The practical model of this generator is relatively easy to build. All you need is a suitable set of neodymium magnets. Today, the Nd magnets can be easily bought. Small magnets can be salvaged from an old hard drive. Very small neodymium magnets can be found even in the CD or DVD drive focusing system. To build the Magnet motor free energy generator, the parts of an ordinary electric motor can be used.

The Magnet motor free energy generator is suitable for generating low to high power levels. The maximum power output is much higher than the maximum of the Electric loop free energy generators. The Magnet motor free energy generator is also much better-looking, thus fulfilling also the decoration function. The construction of the Magnet motor free energy generator is, on the other hand, more complicated than the Electric loop system.

To generate usefull electricity, you have two options: First option is using the coils of the electrical motor used as a basis of the Magnet motor. This is the easier case, but your motor has to have enough space for both the magnet set and the coil windings. Second option is to connect the Magnet motor mechanically with an ordinary generator. You can directly bond the shafts or use a belt gear. The second version of the Magnet motor free energy generator is capable of generating more power, but also more complicated to build. The advantege of the second version is that you can remove the coils from the original motor, thus getting much more space for the magnets. This allows much more torque to be generated. Before doing anything, read the Disclaimer first.

Magnet motor Free Energy Generator Magnet motor Free Energy Generator

A computer fan can be used to build a small prototype of the magnet motor. You can se the motor before disassembly (left) and after disassembly (right).

Magnet motor Free Energy Generator Magnet motor Free Energy Generator

The picture on the left is showing the motor coils originally used to generate the magnetic field. We can replace the coils using the neodymium magnets. The magnets have to be placed into the same directions, where the original coils were. This ensures that the magnetic field orientation, necessary for the motor operation, remains the same. In this motor, there are four coils, thus we need to use four magnets. On the right picture you can see the hadr drive and the neodymium magnet you can salvage from it for free.

Magnet motor Free Energy Generator Magnet motor Free Energy Generator

The magnets placed into the directions of the coils. The magnet motor running, needing no electric power. Note: The coils don't need the electric power any more. The can generate it! But remember, this is a very small unit, so only a little power can be generated. In case you need only the wind from the fan, you can cut the cable.

Magnet motor Free Energy Generator Magnet motor Free Energy Generator

Another prototype of the magnet motor, with the magnets attached using a sticky tape, forming a portable unit. Menu: Home Electric loop free energy generator Magnet motor free energy generator Electrostatic self running motor LED - Photovoltaic loop generator Air / Gas loop free energy generator Motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) Disclaimer