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Air / Gas loop free energy generator

The Air - Gas loop free energy generator utilizes the principles of the strong magnetic field affecting various gasses at various pressures or vacuum. Getting the abundant free energy directly from air is also possible, but it may be complicated because of relatively high atmospheric pressure (around 1013 hPa, 760 Torr or 29.92 inHg). The higher the pressure, the higher the electric strength. Air pressure therefore makes it complicated to ignite the arc and thus to start the air free energy generator in homemade device.

Air - Gas loop free energy generator is a well-looking and relatively easy to build type of a free energy generating device. In recent years the do it yourself (DIY) prototypes of this topology start to emerge. It belongs to the gaseous environment principle free energy generator family. It may operate at very low pressures (nearly vacuum), but we are still talking about gases as a free energy generation medium, not the vacuum itself. This family of generators should not be confused with the more complex free energy generators harnessing the energy of the vacuum.

For long time, Air / Gas loop free energy generator designers faced with the problem of the active gas ignition. Previously, the air at atmospheric pressure was usually used as a working gas. There was also a problem with availability of magnets with enough magnetic induction (B). As already mentioned, the problem with getting the free energy from the air with its high dielectric strength was solved using gas chambers at much lower pressure. Also the progress of the magnets contributed to the practical applicability of this free energy generator topology. The neodymium magnets or even the new generation of ferrite magnets offers much better magnetic field than the alnico or old generation ferrite ones.

Therefore, in last few years, first plans and schematics of the Air / Gas loop free energy generator homemade constructions appeared. Unfortunately, most of them is only accessible for closed communities. Due to copyright issues it is not possible to publish them directly, so I had to build the prototype with some modifications and publish only the results of my own research. I have built a relatively small prototype, but it is enough to demonstrate the principle of this free energy generator kind and to bring you its plans.

My Air - Gas loop free energy generator is using three low pressure gas chambers in an infinite loop. Each chamber is under the infuence of a strong radial magnetic field generated by permanent magnets. The chambers are connected together into the loop using copper wires. All the magnets must be attached so thet the induced electrical current flows in the same direction due to the Ampere's circuital law. The free energy generation system is started by inserting the third magnet. The overutiny circulation starts instantly without high voltage ignition source. Thanks to the low ignition voltage of gases at low pressure the system starts to operate dut to the voltage induced in the circuit from the magnet being brought near the third chamber according to Maxwell's equations.

The low pressure gas chambers for this free energy device are hard to manufacture at home, but on the other hand, some equipment previously intended for other purposes can replace them. Especially the light sources, intended for lihgting purposes, often contain low pressure gasses, usually in an glass envelope. For example, the fluorescent tubes, neon lamps or argon-filled bulbs are good example of easily available low pressure gas chambers. I use one of each version. Using chambers with different gases allows to generate the initial voltage (potential difference) due to different electronegativity of each gas. The device operation is stopped by removing one of the magnets from corresponding gas chamber.

The expected life span of the Air / Gas loop free energy generator is 10 000 - 20 000 hours of continuous operation (wearing of the gas chamber electrodes is the most significant limiting factor). The advantage of this free energy device is motionles opertion - it contains no moving parts. This could also be called motionless perpetual motion or non-mobile perpetuum mobile :-). This device is good as a free energy principle demonstration, as a free light source or even as a free electricity source. The output voltage is a high voltage at low current, so for most of the purposes it has to be transformed using step down (high voltage to low voltage) transformer. The output low AC voltage can be converted into DC using bridge rectifier. This topology is capable of delivering low to medium-high powers, depending of the size of the gas chambers used. This type of free energy generator must be handled with care, as it contains high voltage. The gas chambers also present the risk of implosion.

Before doing anything, read the Disclaimer first.

The startup and shutdown of the Air / Gas loop free energy generator. It is started by putting the magnet to the third gas chamber, here formed by the neon lamp.

Air / Gas free energy device in operation. Note the third magnet being placed and removed using long non-conductive plastic tool. This is necessary because the device once started contains dangerous high voltage.

The fluorescent tube and incadescent bulb as other two gas chambers. The fluorescent tube produces enough light to use the device as a light source too. The light output could be converted into electricity using solar cell, but using the high - low voltage transformer I found more efficient.

The light bulb also can work as a nice decoration in the dark as it produces nice visual effect during operation. Nikola Tesla would be proud :).

Air / Gas loop free energy overunity self running generator in operation. You can also download and use this photo as a plan (scheme) of this generator. Menu: Home Electric loop free energy generator Magnet motor free energy generator Electrostatic self running motor LED - Photovoltaic loop generator Air / Gas loop free energy generator Motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) Disclaimer