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Free energy

Welcome to our website dedicated to the free energy generators. Don't you like the more and more expensive electricity? Do you hate the electric bills? So do us. Stop believing, that you have to pay for something that we all can have for free. Don't let power companies drain your money. Don't believe the nature has be destroyed to obtain energy. Harness the abundant energy all around us. Find and utilize the overunity principle in harmony with the environment. Build your own overunity free energy generator!

Here we are going to describe several types of the free energy generators. Each of them have some advantages and some disadvantages. The aim of this website is not to offer you anything you have to pay for. This page offers you something much better: The true knowledge about the essence of the nature, universe and their energy equilibrum. The real free energy science know-how, that that you turn out of lies from the physics you heard in the school.

We are letting you understand the essentials of the free energy generation and harnessing the energy present all around. There are several ways of harnessing the abundant energy and making it turn your machine into an overunity system. Choose the free energy generator type that suits your needs and options the best. Build your own free energy generating system from an easy to find material.

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